5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Hilux

June 20, 2019 Auto No Comments

If you’re on the market for a new SUV or Pickup Truck, we highly recommend that you give the Toyota Hilux some serious consideration. There’s no denying the popularity of the Hilux. If the line were to break off from Toyota and become its own brand, it would still outsell the entire line-up offered by Honda and Subaru with just a single model!

So why is the Hilux so popular and why should you get one? These are questions we’re going to be answering in this article.

It’s Like an SUV, But Better

If there’s one thing that can be said about most Australians, it’s that we absolutely love the outdoors. Hence, SUVs generally tend to sell a lot here. According to the CEO of Toyota Australia, Matthew Callachor, that’s exactly why the Hilux is such a best-seller across the country.

According to Callachor, the Hilux’s popularity has everything to do with the fact that it closely resembles an SUV. In fact, we’d say that it’s sort of like a Hybrid between an SUV and a truck. It’s able to take you through some intense outdoor terrains while offering comforts and features that you’ll find on cars.

It’s Durable

The Toyota Hilux has always had a reputation for being one of the most solidly built vehicles on the planet. In fact, it’s such common knowledge that it’s given Toyota the confidence to market the entire line as ‘unbreakable’.

If you don’t believe these claims, the best thing to do is see for yourself. There are plenty of video on YouTube of Hilux’s being put to the test on off-roading missions. Alternatively, the popular automotive show Top Gear has some episodes where they’ve subjected a Hilux through some pretty rigorous situations.

It’s Not Expensive as You Think

Despite all that the Hilux brings to the table, it’s not all that expensive. The SR grade starts off at around $46,000, which can be considered a mid-range price for SUV and truck-type vehicles. In addition, maintenance costs aren’t bad either, like with all Toyota vehicles. There are plenty of spare parts available to buy cheap all across the country.

It’s Got Immense Power

If you plan on doing some off-roading, then you absolutely need a powerful engine. While Toyota does offer petrol engines in its Hilux line-up, it’s the diesel ones that have the most power. For instance, the latest SR models come with a 2.8L Turbo diesel engine which will let you tow trailers or hit rough terrains on the regular without any problem whatsoever.

Its gearboxes are plenty powerful as well. Typically you can expect to achieve around 300,000km before the gearbox has to be replaced. Even then, you can simply get reconditioned gear boxes for cheap, which will be good for another couple of 100,000km.

You Get a Variety to Choose From

From the Workmate spec that’s suited for farming work to the off-roading beast that is the Rugged X, there’s really something for everyone. In addition, you get plenty of add-ons to choose from as well.

We trust these reasons are enough to make anyone to consider a Hilux for their next purchase. If you were on the fence about one before, we hope we’ve pushed you in the right direction.

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