Benefits Of A Storage Box For Your Car Batteries

June 26, 2019 Auto No Comments

So you’re planning on changing your car battery for long-term purposes, but you’re unsure on what exactly to do with your old one. Getting rid of your old battery could be a complete waste of money and in fact, it could be extremely harmful to the environment if you were to dispose of it in the wrong manner. The best solution to overcome such an obstacle is to get yourself a brand new storage box for your vehicle battery. Boxes which are manufactured for such storage purposes are extremely hardy and durable, so you won’t have to worry about your battery being exposed to heavy weather conditions.

Here are some other advantages to owning one of these unique storage devices for your car battery;

Regulation Compliant Covering

As we all know, vehicle batteries contain multiple acids within them which help vehicles to run. These components in the battery have been placed in such an intricate manner throughout the battery, that if the storage box were to be dropped or shaken vigorously, the components may begin to leak out of the battery. Even though the likelihood of these leaks occurring would be less as these storage boxes are relatively safe, each and every storage box is marked with precise instructions on how to handle the box as well as symbols to notify the user on the fragility of the components of the box. Thus the box is extremely safe to use with regard to the fragility of the battery inside of it.


When you’re looking for a storage system for your vehicle battery, you need something that will be able to withstand any type of condition and ensure the safety of your battery. This is certainly the case with regard to these types of storage boxes for batteries. They are built with UV resistant rays as well as splash proof technology. As stated before the components within the battery are extremely sensitive to any outside disturbances. But with a storage box which is completely immune to the natural elements, you won’t have to break a sweat! The box will be able to withstand heavy heat as well as rain and protect your battery from any type of damage.


In terms of how safe your battery will be for the duration of its stay inside of the storage box, you can be certain that it will stay safe and sound. In almost every case, noco storage systems will ensure the safety of your battery. They have built-in safe ergonomic technology, for the safe loading of your batteries as well as specialised 360 degree panels to help better case your vehicle battery.  

Acid Proof

As mentioned before, vehicle batteries are built with various types of acids. If the battery’s condition before it enters the box is very bad, there’s a good chance that acid will leak from the battery itself. However, these storage boxes are built with walls which are able to withstand such acid and ensure that the acid doesn’t harm the environment around the box.

Thus getting a storage box for your vehicle battery could be the best option for you, if you’re looking to keep your battery for the long run!

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