Everything You Should Know About Polishing Your Car

March 22, 2019 Auto No Comments

Why polishing your car is an important part in keeping the look of it? This process makes the surface of the vehicle for polishing and sealing and it will remove any old scrapes on the windshield as well as any contaminants from the exteriors made of or covered with a chrome material. It will also work to enhance the beauty of your vehicle and if you wish to sell your vehicle somewhere down the line, you will be able to get a higher resale value.

What Is The Difference Between Car Polishing And Waxing?

Many people think that both polishing and waxing are the same thing. But in reality they are different. For polishing you will need to have specific polishing products and this will come before the waxing. Not the other way around. In polishing you will use the products that contains abrasive qualities to even out any imperfections. This will ensure that there are no contaminants present and it will be sealed in once the wax has been applied. Now, in the case of buffering, this will come before the polishing part. This is also where many people get confused. Detailers will put some wax on the buffer head so that it helps the process and prevents damage to the surface of the vehicle. This is also why sometimes people think that waxing comes before polishing.

How to Polish Your Car

There is no hard and fast rule for this and people have different ways of getting this done. Your vehicle will be made up of different materials that will need different polishing methods. Each of the materials will play a role in bringing out the beauty of the vehicle and making it shine. For example, chrome surfaces will need to be inspected to make sure that it is really chrome and that it is not just tinted or covered. It should be cleaned well first and then using a pressure washer you can get rid of brake dust and bugs or tar and other such contaminants. You can also steam clean it and then buff it, wax it and polish it finally for the best results. If there are areas in your vehicle that is made of aluminium it can look dull over time. This is also why it needs to be polished and shined frequently.

What Products Can You Use?

There are many different products out there and you should know about the specific type of product that is needed to give your car that great look without damaging it and being too harsh on the vehicle. You can look for organic materials too that will be gentle on your car and still get the job done and some vehicle owners prefer this. You should also think about whether you need solid or liquid polish. This will depend on your needs and your preferences. Liquid spray polish will be much easier to apply and they will also spread evenly. Paste polish some people says gives a better result but may be difficult to apply especially during hot weather conditions.

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