How Italian Cars Are Rolled Off the Racks

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Italian cars are always something to behold to anyone due to their unique designs and shapes that the engineers incorporate. However, have you ever though just how these cars are rolled off the rack in order to provide the right balance of character through design and performance? Well, it is quite a long process that takes place within the heads of the car manufacturers, however, here is a concise way of understanding just how cars like the Lamborghini and Ferraris are created from scratch:


The first thing that goes into making the car is the design of it. Designs for these vehicles are generally submitted by specialist car designers, which in turn are then submitted to the heads of company for evaluation. During this time, each of the designers is allowed to promote their works of art in order to capture the minds of the top brass of the company. In fact, even specialist design companies submit their works to these manufacturers. A good example for this is Pininfarina in Italy. This stage is repeated many times depending on how the focus groups respond to it as well.


Once the design phase is completed, the car has to be outfitted with some of the most outrageous components and technology that might actually be more suitable for a mars rover, as opposed to a regular car. However, many of the technology incorporated into the car is often needed, especially in the safety department, since these companies have a reputation to keep after all. In addition to the important features come the gimmicks that make the car look cool, but not necessarily useful. For example changing the cabin lights and changing the sound of the engine are just some of these tech features. As a result of this long phase, car parts can be quite hard to come by once you purchase the vehicle.


Once everything is agreed upon, the car is then manufactured as a trial run, so as to see it looks in the flesh. Looking at it on paper or on a computer is one thing, but looking at it in the flesh says something else. The cars are eve test driven with all the features they have fitted, and sometimes even results in certain features being removed because it is deemed either too expensive to maintain or just unnecessary.

End product

Once the prototype phase is completed, the end product is finally approved for mass production. This is not to say that the end product will be the end all and be all of the car’s evolutionary process. This is because once the vehicle is out there, there can be instances that the boffins have not considered a key feature or completely misjudged the car’s performance. As a result of this, the vehicle is called back into the drawing board to iron out the flaws, which result in a much better vehicle to roll of the racks for mass consumption.

So once you see an Italian car rolling on the streets of your city, take some time to appreciate the workmanship and the hours that might have gone in the development of the unique vehicle.

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