Important Facts to Know About Tyres

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Tyres are the most essential aspect of ensuring that you have a smooth driving experience. In fact, without tyres, you probably won’t have a driving experience. These four rubber circles are the core of your vehicle being moved around from place to place. It’s one thing that a vehicle cannot do without! So it’s always important to know your tyres inside and out, considering that the vehicle depends heavily on it. The last thing you want to have is a flat tyre on a lonely road at night and not know what to do. By knowing the exact purpose and varieties of tyres that are out there, you will definitely be at advantage, when tyre replacing or buying takes place. Here are some important facts on tyres that we use on a daily basis with our vehicle.


Before the installation of a new tyre or a simple replacement of a broken/flat tyre, it is always important to know which tyre suits your vehicle best. It won’t be of any use to install a tyre which simply cannot support your vehicle. The result of this only be these tyres being subject to wear and tear before in a short period of time. You need to ensure that the model of your vehicle and the model of the tyre are the same before replacing or installing any tyre. Thus it is always important to take into consideration the purpose/fit of the tyre.


Considering that the friction between tyres are what help the vehicle come to a sudden halt, it is always important to ensure that your tyres are kept in tip-top condition. Failure to do so may result in vehicle accidents, which could be easily avoided. The last thing you want is slippery tyres. Tyres should always be inspected for cuts or any sort of sharp objects that may have pierced it. If the tyre deflates over time, you’ll have a flat tyre and won’t realise it until you realise that the friction of your tyres is lost. Also checking whether there are any unusual bulges on your tyres is important as this could lead to a sudden burst in your tyres, resulting in a sudden burst of the tyre. Also ensure that you replace your tyres when the time is necessary. Never prolong this is as it is not advisable to drive with worn and torn tyres.


If you want to ensure that you can use your tires for a longer period of time there are certain steps to be taken. You must take care when handling your vehicle as harsh or rash driving may lead to the depreciation of tyres at a fast pace. For example, you should take extra precaution when driving on rocky and off roads in Sydney, as these bumpy roads may affect your tyres. Also slowing down at speed bumps will also help to retain the quality of your tyres for a longer period of time.

Looking into your tyres on a weekly/monthly basis could save you a lot of trouble as well as money on the long run and thus it is highly advisable to do so!

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