Keep Your Car at Its Best Condition with This Maintenance Guide

April 6, 2019 Auto No Comments

Cars are a major investment and keeping them at their good condition for years lets you enjoy the most of your investment. Proper care and maintenance are the key to long-lasting cars. While older models require more complex and frequent maintenance checks, contemporary cars don’t. With regular use, modern cars can stay at its top condition with less frequent service checks. Keep your car running at its best by doing these simple checks you can do right at your garage.

Schedule Your Car’s Maintenance

To know the recommended maintenance schedule of your car, check its manual first. Some cars need maintenance every 2 years while others can go for as long as 4 years. A special inspection is needed during this time so it’s best to take your car to a service shop. An auto mechanic will conduct a thorough check of all the parts in your car starting from the cooling system, fluids, drive belts, and timing belts. They will be the ones to replace or top-up fluids if needed. Drive belts, hoses and timing belts will also be replaced if they see some signs of wear or damage because it can lead to more expensive repairs when left unattended. If you need spare parts for your car, Berwick Motor Group has everything you need. You can even choose from their wide variety of cars for sale in case you’re planning to get a new one instead.

Engine Oil Check

If your car is in good condition, a once a month engine oil check-up will do. If your engine oil needs to be refilled more often, it is an indication of a leak. Find the leak immediately and get it fixed so it won’t escalate to bigger problems later on. When checking the engine oil level, make sure that your car is parked on a level surface. Top up with new oil just right on the indicator line.

Tire Air Pressure

The tires get most of the beating as you drive around with your car. Different cars have varying recommended tire pressure level so be sure to check the manual first. Check the tire air pressure once a month and before going on long trips. Be sure to do this before using the car so the tires are cold. As you check tire pressure, might as well observe if there are signs of wear, cuts, bulges or any damage so you can replace it when necessary.

Clean the Car

Keeping your car clean both on the inside and outside is an important step in maintaining its appearance. Wash the exterior with water and mild soap to remove dust and grime. You may use a soft cloth to scrub off petrified dirt. Keep the interior clean by vacuuming at least once every two weeks. Try adding a small trash bin inside to hold the dirt.

By following this simple guide, your car will surely be running at its best condition for a long time.

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