The Difference Between Car Wax And Car Polishing

September 24, 2019 Auto No Comments

Looking to keep up the livelihood of your car? Perhaps it’s your old car or a brand new one you just desire to upgrade, whatever it is, doing the right kind of maintenance on your car will not only hold its value but also make it convenient for your usage. Maintaining your car’s shine and the glossy look is one of the top priorities, but the problem that you would face is choosing the right method of polishing that is suitable for your car and personal preference, however, if you are finding it difficult you are not alone because it can be quite a task! Do you find yourself confused between car polishing and car waxing to fancy up your car? Here is some information to guide you on your journey of chasing that shine.


 Car polish is an abrasive polish used to eliminate those stubborn little imperfections – surface scratches, dirt, swirls, which lie on the exterior of cars. This is done by removing small layers from the protective layer of the giving it an even, shinning effect. Car wax, in contrast, is non-abrasive and is designed to fill in and smooth down uneven surfaces of the car exterior with a protective coating and give it a mirror-like finish. This softens the paint layer of your car rather than removing the paint layer as polishing does.


 Car polishing is carried out in two different ways, it is simply applied by hands with the help of a washcloth. The polish is put to the washcloth and applied in a circular motion until the polish disappears while solid car polish is firstly heated or warmed before being applied in the same manner with the use of polishing equipment.

Talking about car waxing, this process is done after polishing. Waxing a car is also carried either using a cloth or buffer equipment. The wax is applied in circular motions the dry exterior of the car similarly to polish application but instead of stopping the process there; the wax is left to dry for a few minutes then wiped off using a microfiber cloth to remove the excess product and give an even finishing. Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, it’s always the best to consult a professional because professional car polishing goes beyond your expectations to accommodate the best hand services. After all, a little Do- IT- Yourself is great but unfortunately leads to greater trouble costing twice the amount you refused to spend.


Considering the application method, car polish comes in two distinctive forms, liquid and solid. The liquid polish does not have constant volume while the solid form has a more constant volume. Car wax, on the other hand, is in its natural state; it is largely resistant to water and insoluble, durable and withstands high temperatures. Ultimately, using either liquid or solid car polish comes down to your personal preferences although both forms have the same properties and give out the same results.

Your car doesn’t have to hide its glamour anymore, let it shine and stand out!

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