The Various Types of Tyres Out There in the Market for Cars

March 24, 2019 Auto No Comments

In the present day and age, vehicle maintenance has developed to a great extent that accessories and components can be made especially for the particular purpose you intend to use it for. One of the more notable components of the vehicle that has developed a great is the tyres. Gone are the days when users just had two types of tyre sets to choose from in the form of Bias or Radial. Presently, there are a number of tyres that are made with particular activities in mind and for particular models too. Here are just some of the more common types of tyres out there;

Standard Tyres

These are the tyres that come as stock with the automobiles and are made for general purpose, along with being a general use tyre. These types of tyres can last for quite a distance from the date of fitting, and are often the tyres that do not hurt the wallet, as they are the more affordable tyres and can be easily maintained. As long as the tyres are filled to the required amount of air pressure, there really is nothing to worry about.

Touring Tyres

The more premium the car model, the higher the type of tyre that is fitted to the car. The higher end tyre range in question is called Touring tyres. These tyres have a lesser aggressive tread pattern that focuses on comfort of the passengers of the vehicle, as opposed to standard tyres. Furthermore, these tyres generally tend to be more adept in travelling long distances due to the special compounds that are mixed during the production process of the tyre. As a result, these tyres often come fitted as standard in premium touring cars, so as to maintain maximum comfort for its occupants, along with being economical too.

Sporty Tyres

Also called Performance tyres, these tyres are generally utilised for the sportier driver that is keen on driving his/her luxury vehicle on the track. These tyres are made with softer rubber compounds, so as to increase the grip and overall performance of the vehicle. These tyres often have quite a high wear and tear ratio, since these tyres are designed for just one purpose. As a result these tyres are not really suitable for normal usage, since it can result in uncomfortable driving and constant change of tyre sets.

High-Speed Tyres

One step higher to the sporty tyres is the High-speed tyres. These tyres are generally developed in the word of motorsport and calibrated, so as to fit the criteria for road use. More often than not, super cars like the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport and the Ferrari La Ferrari are just some vehicles that are fitted with such tyres. This is because these tyres can withstand high G-forces and high cornering speed, sometimes exceeding 300km/h. However, just like sporty tyres, these tyres result in quick wear and tear.

And the spectrum does not stop there, as there are a number of many other specialised types of tyres that have been developed for particular purposes.

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