Tips For Fixing A Flat Tyre

June 19, 2019 Auto No Comments

As a driver and a vehicle owner, knowing how to change a flat tyre is a necessary and actually a required skill. Sure, it would be easy to call a professional to tow your vehicle for you or change the tyre for you. But in case of emergencies and you only have yourself to rely on; knowing how to change a flat tyre would come in handy.

Flat tyres would happen unexpectedly and if you are in the middle of nowhere with no chance of immediate help, being prepared regarding emergencies like this would save you the hassle and the unwarranted stress.

Regularly Check Your Spare Tyre

Don’t be complacent and think that when flat tyres happen, your spare tyre would come to the rescue. There are some drivers who forgot to check if their spare tyres are aired up and could be used. Some even carry a “donut spare”, spare tyres that are manufactured to be space and weight saving. If you replace your tyre with a donut spare tyre, you could only drive it for 50 miles. Use this mileage to drive to the nearest garage and ask for a professional service.

Have An Emergency Tyre Repair Kit

Aside to knowing how to replace a flat tyre, you should also know how to fix one in case there are punctures. Fixing tyres with punctures is more economical than buying new tyres. Having an emergency repair kit would save you more money in the long run because if you have one, you would be able to repair as many tyres as possible, instead of always buying new tyres to replace the punctured ones. When looking for an emergency tyre repair kit, look for kits that have the components that would help you repair tyres. Look for kits that have T-Handle Insert Tool, T-Handle Spiral Probe, Tool Needle Replacement, Cord Strings, Nose Pliers, etc. and if the kit comes with a warranty, all the better.

Protect Your Clothes

Changing a tyre is a dirty task so if you have an emergency while you are on your way to work or to a formal event, you’d do everything to protect your clothes. Before you find yourself in this sticky situation, keep some essentials in your car to help you in fixing a flat tyre without ruining your day. A pair of gloves is essential to prevent grimes and soot into seeping in your nails. A towel is also convenient in wiping sweat and other dirt that might transfer on to your face and hands. Kneepads and apron could also serve as additional cover when you literally need to be on your knees.

Having your own vehicle is a big responsibility. Don’t just think about the benefits and comforts of being able to drive around wherever and whenever you want. You have to consider that caring for one is like having another member of the family. You have to provide for the maintenance and repairs which at times could happen at the most inopportune time. Keep some funds for rainy days so as not to cause any significant financial difficulty.

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