Turntables Is the New Way in Storing Vehicles

March 17, 2019 Auto No Comments

As cars become more and more cheap, automobiles are no longer a luxury of the rich and famous, but are also items for the middle class individual too. Due to the decreasing cost of the automobile and the increase in disposable wealth of the individual, automobiles that are safe, loaded with technology and efficient in performance can be easily purchased with little to no effort. Furthermore, this can be seen with the purchasing of more than one automobile, depending on the individual’s lifestyle. This can become quite inconvenient due to the lack of space that can be used to store such vehicles. As a result of such inconvenience, turntables installed in garages negate these problems of space easily. Here are just some of the useful features of the turntable.


One of the first features that car turntables offer is the safety of other vehicles, be it a multi-storey car park or your personal garage. The turntable allows you to store automobiles in a way that reduces the risk of knocking other automobiles in the process of getting them out of the parking areas. As a result it maintains the safety of the vehicle, as well as the safety of the driver inside the garage. 

Ease of Operation

Such a system is not necessarily complex too, as the maintenance and operation of the system is often straightforward to anyone. Most often operated by just the toggle of a button, the turntable allows you to rotate the car a full 360 degrees, making it possible to rotate it wherever the exit is. In other words, a turntable makes the removal of the vehicle all the more easier to the individual.


Utilitarianism is another feature that the turntable brings into the garage or car parking system, as it enables the parking of more vehicles with a minimum amount of risk. Such a system enables a multi-storey car park ensure the safety of the normal town car to the more luxury automobile, making it possible to utilise the most amount of space of the complex. Moreover, when installed in the personal garage, it enables the owner of the vehicles to build a more space saving garage that allows for a number of vehicles to be stored inside without any inconvenience caused to the owner or the vehicles.

Easy Installation

The installation of such as system may look like a complicated one, however, due to the simple mechanics of the turntable, installation of the electronics and the turntable itself can be done in matter of days. What makes this system all the more useful is the adaptability to any garage out there, further justifying the ease of the system.

The rotating turntable is one that provides for a utilitarian car parking system, regardless of whether it is used for a multi-storey car park or your own personal garage. Looking at these facts, investing in such a system would save a lot of time for parking and ensure more safety to the individual and vehicles.

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